Nice terrace floor tile color ideas at home

Not only in terms of pattern, color is also another consideration in creating a beautiful and inviting terrace atmosphere. What is the best color for patio tiles? Here is the list!

In addition to the facade, the terrace is also an area that guests who visit the house can see.

A clean, beautiful and charming house terrace will give a good first impression to anyone who sees it.

Well, one of the best ways to make your ideal home terrace is to choose a ceramic color.

Ceramic floors are not just an accessory, but an important element that can complete the look of the house.

After all, there are various patterns and models to choose from that can be adapted to the needs or concept of a house.

So, what colors are good for patio floor tiles?

Check out the list below, friends!

Large patio tiles in 6 colors

1. White

Source: Instagram.com/nunu_nento

White is the best and most widely used color for patio floor tiles.

The white color on the front porch of the house creates a clean, minimalist, bright, simple and beautiful impression.

White is also the most neutral color and is suitable for use in all rooms of the house.

In fact, the color of white ceramics can make the patio area look wider if placed perfectly.

White is also the most versatile color, so it can be combined with gray or black with a monochromatic concept.

For a more interesting impression, you can also consider the beautiful white ceramic terrace pattern.

2. Green

Source: marrakechdesign.se

Green patio tiles are an attractive option for those who like cool, relaxed colors.

Green gives the impression of beauty, naturalness, tranquility, coolness, freshness, beauty and is suitable as the color of the front porch ceramics.

However, some people think that green is a color that is so bright and vibrant that it can contrast with the color of the walls or facades.

To anticipate this, you can choose moss green, dark green, mint, or other green colors with a faint tinge.

Combine it with a dynamic wall paint color such as natural white or brown.

3. Black

Source: Instagram/hannaamaliap

Black is a great color for minimalist and modern residential patio tiles.

Many contemporary homes use black as the color of the front porch tile.

Black patio tiles give a strong, elegant impression and don't tend to look dirty.

Therefore, the black ceramic color is very suitable to be applied to an elegant minimalist terrace.

Colors are also suitable for industrial or modern residential styles.

You can combine it with light or contrasting colors.

4. Chocolate

Source: Instagram/nest_in_order

A good color for patio tiles is brown because it gives the impression of being warm, comfortable, and safe.

Brown color is widely used in tropical and simple dwellings.

For a more interesting impression, you can consider wood-patterned ceramics.

Also choose a brown color combination that creates an understated, unique, fun and harmonious impression.

For example, gray or white makes it look more glamorous.

5. Gray

Source: Instagram/alvisepti

Gray is the next front porch tile color you can consider.

Scandinavian, Japanese, Industrial, Minimalist and Contemporary style house in dark gray.

The color of this ceramic terrace can create the impression of luxury and elegance.

6. Cream

Source: ceramiciles.com

Beige is a great color for patio tiles in a minimalist home.

This color looks subtle, elegant, and never goes out of style.

Beige is a great color for front porch tiles because it can provide a sense of calm.

Beige also goes well with any style, including Scandinavian, and is easy to match with other colors.

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