Unique camera shaped house in India

Photographer Ravi Hongal from India owns a house with a unique design. The house is a camera with its accessories.

Living in rural India makes this man obsessed with cameras.

The reason is, Indian photographer Ravi Hongal has known the world of photography since childhood.

Because of his love for photography, Ravi has named several reliable camera brands for his three sons.

Like Epson, Canon, Nikon.

Not only that, from this love, he has a house with a unique shape, similar to an SLR camera.

Unique camera-shaped house

Source: twitter.com/vibhinnaideas

Launched from Coverage 6, the Ravi costs $95,000 or more. 1.3 billion to build this unique camera-shaped house.

The camera on the front of the house belongs to a retro collection and features a lens-shaped window, a giant camera flash, a roll of film, and a giant SD card.

His unique house was built in Belgaum, India.

Consisting of three floors and each exterior, it is stunning.

The Ravi camera housing is dominated by gray.

In addition, he combined it with a touch of black and white that he saw on his fence.

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Loved the world of photos since childhood

Source: twitter.com/nirmalganguly

Founded from All About Belgaum, Ravi has been obsessed with photography since childhood.

He was notoriously not the best student in school, however, his knowledge of Pentax and Zenit cameras allowed him to earn a living and become a skilled photographer.

Even though he lives in the countryside, he often uses his Pentax camera to capture the moments around him.

Sure enough, he now has his own photo studio named after his wife, Rani.

Source: twitter.com/nirmanangguly

Recently, a house featuring Ravi's camera designs was uploaded to the Caters Clips YouTube account.

The video shows what the house looks like, complete with a real camera.

Ravi also claims that the same concept is used in the interior of his house.

The ceiling and walls are designed as if they were separate parts of the camera.

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Wow! The shape of the house is very unique.

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