8 Simple and Cheap Small Kitchen Designs Suitable for Minimalist Homes

Optimizing a kitchen to look aesthetically pleasing and functional with limited space and cost is a challenge. Come on, look at the following simple and inexpensive small kitchen designs. Who knows, it could be an inspiration!

Some people consider the kitchen as one of the most important areas in the house.

As a result, many people often need inspiration so that the designs they want to carry will look and function well.

Minimalist homes for 36 families are increasingly affordable, so it is important to be smart in choosing the design of each room, including the kitchen.

This is because it is related to the budget issued and land acquisition.

With a simple and inexpensive small kitchen design, you can improve aesthetics while keeping costs down.

Relax, Indonesia will present the best small minimalist kitchen designs summarized from various sources.

8 Simple and Cheap Small Kitchen Designs

1. Simple kitchen design

Source: instagram.com/inspirationdapurr

From the outside, a simple kitchen design like the one above may look ordinary.

But functionally, the kitchen does represent a minimalist and inexpensive style.

In addition, the kitchen is placed not far from the window so it is very good for air circulation.

To further beautify this cooking area, you can place some uniformly colored furniture.

2. Cheap L Kitchen

Source: instagram.com/dapur.nafil

If you want to keep costs down to make your kitchen more affordable, you can choose a design option that puts functionality first.

The letter L kitchen with a variety of simple accessories is ideal.

Overcome land constraints with color combinations in bright shades, such as choosing red for some furniture.

3. Domination of white people

Source: instagram.com/momjerofficial

Psychologically, the choice of the main color of the kitchen affects the entire area.

Although the kitchen area is relatively small, white can be chosen as the main color.

For example the white color on the walls, some furniture, floors.

So even though the kitchen is actually small and simple, the impression of space is still there.

4. Add the wood element

Source: instagram.com/inspirationdapurr

A simple and inexpensive small kitchen design by adding wood elements is worth a try, my friend.

The reason is, in addition to giving the appearance of another "color", the cooking area will also appear more natural.

However, the placement of wooden elements should not be excessive.

The location that you can choose can start from the cupboard or kitchen set.

5. Cheap Simple Small Kitchen Designs

Source: instagram.com/nartywidyatna07

It is highly recommended to arrange the kitchen to please the eye by storing various furniture in strategic areas.

In addition, you can give another feel with a unique decoration.

Such as photo frames, plant pots, etc.

The selection of favorite colors can also be applied to various household appliances, such as gas stoves, tableware or other furniture.

The kitchen is small, but still looks attractive, both functionally and visually.

6. The kitchen is integrated with the family room

Source: instagram.com/meyrizkiaa

If you want to decorate your kitchen with a family room, it doesn't hurt.

However, the layout should be considered carefully.

Don't let it end up causing inconvenience to all residents.

Well, to overcome this, provide a bulkhead or barrier.

In addition, the selection of a kitchen set will be very decisive so that the room does not feel cramped.

7. Small kitchen with ornamental plants

Source: instagram.com/rumahtristan

One small kitchen risk that you may rarely notice is stuffy heat.

So, planting ornamental plants in your kitchen is a solution that you can try.

The reason is, in addition to making the air cleaner, the kitchen will also look more beautiful.

In fact, if possible, maintain certain ornamental plants that offer many benefits.

8. Elegant Design for a Simple Kitchen

Source: instagram.com/idhathalib19

An elegant kitchen design will shine when you combine several colors and neatly arranged furniture.

For example, the matching black and white colors on the walls and floor tiles give people a different aura.

It's even better if you also attach some furniture so that residents don't get bored.

This is a simple inexpensive kitchen design that may be ideal for a minimalist home.

Good luck.