7 Luxury Home Foyer Design Ideas That Will Amaze You

Located behind the gate, here are some super glamorous luxury home foyer design ideas. Its appearance is guaranteed to amaze visitors.

The foyer is the link between the main door and the rooms in the house.

This area is also often a short-term reception.

Usually, you can find this transition area in medium-sized and luxury homes.

The reason is, because of the large size of the building, you will have more freedom to reserve land for the foyer.

Any plans to build at home?

If so, first take a look at the following mansion foyer design ideas, yes.

7 Luxury Home Foyer Design Ideas That Will Amaze You

1. Luxurious lobby with natural feel

big house porch design ideas big house porch design ideas
Source: instagram.com/putroattayainterior
The foyer area is right behind the front door and window of the house.

Two light brown boards look neatly attached to each other.

This arrangement resembles the pillars flanking a wooden shelf in the middle.

Then, between the two boards, there is a charming bamboo painting on a black background.

Such a design is sure to catch the eye as soon as you walk through the front door.

2. Full Marble House Porch

Source: instagram.com/grahastudiodesign
The impression of grandeur and luxury is the same as using marble.

For example, the inspiration for the foyer design above, every corner is covered with white marble.

This color choice matches the paint on the walls, ceilings and doors of the house.

Residents can place furniture in shades of blue and gold to minimize the impression of monotony.

3. Foyer next to the living room

Source: instagram.com/nala_indonesia

Foyer is usually a connecting corridor between the main door and the living room.

However, it is not uncommon for these two areas to be placed side by side.

As a result, the living room and foyer look like the same room.

The only obstacle is the wallpaper and rugs in the living room of the house.

4. Ornate Porch Design

Source: instagram.com/bengkelpropertybandung
This luxury home foyer inspiration will make your home feel even more magnificent.

In the transition channel, you can combine white, black, and gold.

Then, hang a crystal chandelier in the center of the area as an additional visual element.

Don't forget to install a partition wall at the back to add to the airy impression.

5. The porch of the house is all white

Source: instagram.com/seni_build
The design of this transition area has a very modern and minimalist concept.

Residents use a mix of neutral colors such as white and gray.

The impression of luxury can only be seen from the size of the foyer which is as large as an ordinary room.

However, the arrangement of furniture is minimal because its main function is only as a transition space.

Opposite the door were only two chairs and a small table for a brief reception.

6. Foyer Mansion Design Ideas

Source: instagram.com/et.homes

You actually don't use the foyer area very often when you travel.

You just need to pass it every time you leave or enter the house.

So no need to put a lot of furniture and decorations in it.

Just provide a set of small tables and chairs, a shoe rack, and install a large mirror on one side of the wall.

You can use the chairs in the area to entertain short guests or put on your shoes and sit down.

7. Industrial Luxury Foyer Design

Source: elledecor.com
Finally, you can try to build it with an industrial concept.

Build an exposed concrete wall in the room and combine it with an old wooden door.

Then complete the area with two small chairs, a large mirror, and a table in the middle of the room.

Don't forget to provide lighting in this transitional area by installing a chandelier.

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