8 sightings of the most luxurious Indian artist houses

Located in an elite area of ​​India, this Indian artist's house is priced at a sky-high 100 billion rupiah! Come and see what their house looks like down there!

The fruit of the hard work of these Indian artists has succeeded in bringing them to their dream home.

From classic and elegant homes to minimalism, this lineup of Indian artists is now alive.

Because the house they live in is classified as luxurious and sold for hundreds of billions of rupiah, you know!

For example, a house in Shahrukh Khan costs Rp. 694 billion and the house of senior artist Amitabh Bachchan, estimated to be worth Rp. 238 billion!

Curious what this Bollywood artist's house looks like?

Come and see what 8 houses of Indian artists look like here!

India's Most Luxurious Artist House Attractions

1. Hometown of Indian artist Shahrukh Khan

Source: kosmopolitan.com

Shahrukh Khan lives in a luxury residence in Bandra, Mumbai.

This house named Mannat has 6 floors and has the concept of an ancient Roman empire.

Shahrukh Khan's wife, Gauri Khan, designed the house directly with renowned designer Tom Dixon.

According to reports, housing prices are estimated in Indonesian rupiah. 694 billion!

2. Karina Kapoor's house

Source: popmama.com

Bollywood's top actress Kareena Kapoor and her husband Saif Ali Khan live like queens in a magnificent palace.

So magnificent, this house is even touted as the second Taj Mahal!

This luxurious residence combines traditional and colonial Indian concepts.

Kareena Kapoor and her husband hired top architect Robert Tor Russel to design their home.

This magnificent palace was named Pataudi Palace or Pataudi Palace.

3. Amitabh Bachchan's house

Source: sound.com

Bollywood legend Amitab Bachchan lives in the Juhu district of Mumbai, India.

The artist, who has been performing since 1969, lives in a bungalow called Jalsa with his beloved wife Jaya Bachchan and their children.

According to reports, the house was a gift from iconic director Ramesh Sippi to Amitabh Bachchan.

The estimated value of the house given by Ramesh Sippy is between Rp. 198 billion rupiah. 238 billion.

4. Hometown of Indian artist Salman Khan

Source: talepost.com

Salman Khan lives in an elite area called Galaxy Apartments in Bandra, India.

The artist, who has been performing since 1988, lives with his parents.

This apartment overlooking the sea is reportedly worth more than IDR. 200 billion.

During Eid, many Bollywood celebrities came to Salim Khan's apartment at Galaxy Apartments.

5. Akshay Kumar's house

Source: sound.com

Akshay Kumar's house is located in a building called Prime Beach on the shores of Mumbai's Pearl Lake Sea.

From this residence, you have a direct view of the Arabian Sea.

Akshay Kumar lives at home with his mother and sister.

The house is worth Rp 160 billion.

6. Arya Butt's house

Source: architecturedigest.in

Alia Bhatt, 25, already lives in a luxury apartment.

The apartment where Alia Bhatt lives is located in the Juhu area of ​​Mumbai.

Alia Bhatt bought this apartment as an investment in her future.

7. Indian Artist John Abraham House

Source: sound.com

Actor John Abraham also lives in a luxury mansion in the Mumbai area with his wife Priya Rencha.

This modern house was designed directly by the actor himself, you know!

8. Rekha's house

Source: sound.com

Veteran actress Rekha lives in a large bungalow near Shah Rukh Khan's house.

This bungalow overlooking the sea is rumored to be sold for Rp. 199 billion!


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