11 Inspiring Home Design Ideas to Make the Space More Interesting

Whether you want to improve your home or build it from scratch, having some home design ideas will go a long way. The thing is, what kind of ideas should you go for? Some ideas transform the way you live in your home and your interaction with it, some add architectural interest. Some others do both.

From incorporating mirrors, building a large pantry, or considering wellbeing and fitness to adding a veranda, the ideas below will get those creative juices of yours flowing.

11 Home Design Ideas to Add the Wow Factor

1.     Incorporate Mirrors

If you have a small footprint to work with, your options are more limited. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your home looks amazing. You can, but a bit of ingenuity is needed. Here’s an idea you can try: incorporate mirrors.

Mirrors not only reflect light but also the interior. As a result, the room becomes brighter and looks bigger than it actually is. These are the reasons why they do wonders in small spaces.

2.     Build a Pantry

Kitchens often serve double functions. First, as a place for preparing foods and drinks. Second, as storage. Nowadays, there is a home design idea that is growing in popularity: building a pantry.

A practical pantry is always an incredible addition to any home. Why? Because if you have a practical pantry, it will free up a lot of space in the kitchen. Thus, allowing you to use it for living and entertaining purposes, not just for preparing foods and drinks.

If you have more space to work with, building a large pantry is a good idea, too.

3.     Consider Wellbeing and Fitness

When it comes to house design, try to always keep wellbeing and fitness in mind. Health is very important. You don’t need much space designated for your wellbeing and fitness.

A small outdoor swimming pool, for example, can help you to stay healthy and relaxed. You can build a home gym, too. So if you want to work out, you can do so whenever you want. Work out at your convenience. No need for any gym membership.

4.     Blur the Lines between the Outdoors and Indoors

There is nothing wrong with following the trend. One of the trends today in home design is blurring the lines between outdoor and indoor spaces.

Why should you follow this trend? Well, because it looks just amazing. Notice how spacious the space above is thanks to the blurred lines between the outdoors and indoors. And this works well whether you have big or small space.

It makes a great place for unwinding and relaxing, too.

5.     Add Metallic Accents to the Kitchen

Kitchens are often seen only as a functional space. But, like any other space in the house, you can make it a lot more interesting.

For example, adding metallic accents create interesting visual cues in the kitchen. The above is a good example of that. Not only the kitchen looks more interesting, but it also has an air of elegance.

Plus, you can do this in many ways. From installing metal fixtures and lighting to showcasing utensils.

6.     Pivot Doors Make It More Interesting

Looking for a home design idea to make your space stunning and contemporary? Install pivot doors. Pivot doors make a house looks stunning and contemporary effortlessly. Plus, they look unique, too.

Pivot doors work best in a modern-style home. So if you plan to use a modern style for your home, they are definitely worth considering.

Do note that pivot doors tend to be more expensive than regular ones. That said, if you are willing to spend extra money for them, they will be worth the investment.

7.     Install Hidden Lighting

Hidden lighting makes just about any space stylish. Yes, even stairs can look gorgeous with hidden lighting. This is reason enough to consider it for your building project.

Want more? Here are three more: hidden lighting creates an intimate glow, creates an impressive atmosphere, and emphasizes various interior features.

Hidden lighting also allows you to focus on the interior design and not be bothered by visible lighting bulbs that might ruin the atmosphere.

8.     Create a Vaulted Ceiling

Flat ceilings are common. The problem with being common is that it is often seen as ordinary. If you want to make your home extraordinary, consider creating a vaulted ceiling for your home design.

A vaulted ceiling adds volume, drama, and interest, makes the space more spacious and is just delightful to look at. It does wonders to small spaces, too.

9.     Add a Veranda

If you have the means for it, adding a veranda is a good idea to add to your home design. There are many benefits of having a veranda. First and foremost, a veranda adds an extra room. And an extra room is always welcome.

Secondly, aesthetics. A home with a veranda looks better aesthetically than one without. A veranda adds not just a feeling of completeness to a house but also charm, too.

Thirdly, value. If you want to increase the value of your home, one of the ways you can do it is by adding a veranda.

10.  Clad with Timber

Want to retain heat and insulate sound? If the answer is yes, timber cladding is a good option. Timber retains heat much better than steel, aluminum, and concrete. It can prevent sound from escaping as well.

There is also aesthetic value. Just look at the house above. Look very beautiful, isn’t it?

11.  Use Pocket Doors

Last but not least, use pocket doors instead of conventional ones. Pocket doors are great for small spaces and open-plan houses. They basically don’t eat up space. Plus, since they are hidden, the spaces in between the doors are connected.

Pocket doors also free up space, improve the flow of the room, add uniqueness to the house, and just look great. Definitely worth considering.

As you can see, there are just so many things you can do to transform the way you live in your home and your interaction with it, add architectural interest, or both. What do you think? Which home design ideas will suit your building project best?