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8 Inspirations for a Minimalist Modern Terrace

Cast terrace models and minimalist homes can make your residential facade look more attractive.

The terrace of the house can not only be used as a place to relax, but also can be one of the important elements in the design of the facade of the house.

One way to make the terrace feel comfortable and attractive is to add a concrete roof covering or commonly called dak.

In addition to making the house more shady, not placing it on the terrace will also make the house look more attractive.

8 Cast Patio Model Inspirations for Modern Minimalist Homes

Below are some models of cast terraces and minimalist homes that can be an option in today's modern homes.

1. Modern minimalist symmetrical terrace model

The inspiration for the first house cast terrace model looks sturdy and looks majestic.

Symmetrical rectangles on each side, combined with a white exterior, give the impression of spaciousness.

Incorporating natural elements such as granite installed in the patio area and walls will give the house a cool impression.

source: Instagram @fernandogomulya

2. Simple Terrace Dak Model

The inspiration for this terrace deck model looks simple because it has a buffer.

You can also imitate this patio mockup to display a simple, unique, modern and contemporary house facade design.

source Instagram @riccaarini

3. Extended Terrace Dak Model

With this patio model, any type of house can look beautiful and attractive.

Pictured here is a model of a cast terrace and a sleek minimalist house.

The bottom looks roomy like a column.

Columns also allow sunlight to enter the patio area.

This patio deck is also designed to blend with a minimalist carport, thus saving the budget in building a house.

Source: Instagram @nikeuniverse

4. Dak Model Combination of Casting and Galvanized Roof

For a small house, this patio model can be an option.

Dak uses a combination of cast and galvanized roof canopy to make it look harmonious.

In this way, the terrace feels shady and the cost is very affordable.

source Instagram @fathyanhouse

5. Skinny Terrace Dak Model

The next minimalist home cast terrace model is thin in thickness.

Patio deck models are suitable for all patio sizes and can be made with minimal capital.

In addition to looking solid, the facade of the house will look more modern because of the presence of these pillars and terraces.

source Instagram @whiteyellow

6. Dak Terrace and Carport Roof

The cast terrace model and the inspiration for your modern minimalist home will look stunning.

Uniquely, the terrace is also designed to blend with the carport area.

As for the carport design, it uses a galvanized roof and clear polycarbonate.

source: Instagram @adeirma.lov

7. Natural House Terrace Dak Model

This home patio design looks attractive because of the natural elements it presents.

This terrace looks natural thanks to the use of natural materials such as wood on the floor.

In addition, there is the use of natural stone as one of the supports for the terrace.

The facade of the house looks cool, modern and natural.

Source: Ruangarsitek.id

8. Modern Dak House Terrace

The inspiration for this last minimalist home cast terrace model is like a hallway.

With a parallel roof model, it fits perfectly with the terrace so it looks modern and futuristic.

So, here are various inspirations for minimalist cast house terrace models that you can try to apply.

Source: Homeshabby.com

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