7 Bookshelf Designs or Buffet Tables Dont Be Confused to Choose

7 Bookshelf Designs or Buffet Tables Don't Be Confused to Choose

What bookshelf design would you like to choose? No need to be confused, there are many choices of beautiful buffet tables that can beautify the interior of your home.

What is a bookshelf? Often people are not very familiar with bookshelves, even if they have one at home.

However, what about the buffet table? Well, if so, surely everyone knows.

Credenza is a side table that is usually placed in the dining room or family room.

Credenza comes from Italy and has a long history as one of the home furniture in the house.

This home furniture can be likened to a combination of a table and storage cabinets.

The property website boelroom.com will display many beautiful bookshelf designs to beautify your home.

7 Charming Bookshelf Designs

1. Bookcase with many drawers

With lots of drawers, this bookshelf is perfect for anyone who needs storage space.

The color of this home furniture is mainly wood, light brown or dark brown.

2. Classic Design

This buffet table has a classic look and maybe your grandparents or parents had a similar design.

Do not hesitate to ask for an antique bookshelf and combine it with the interior design of the house.

3. Contrast, dark and light colors

This bookshelf table is dark brown and tends to black for an elegant classic design.

Even though the walls and doors are white, in contrast, yes, the combination still looks harmonious.

4. Display on the table

With three medium-sized drawers, this minimalist bookshelf has a classic design and certainly enhances the living room.

You can place plants in pots, vases, books or other displays to make them look more attractive.

5. Combination of black and brown

This buffet table is a combination of black and brown, black plus black, and brown for the rest.

Bookshelves are suitable to be installed in the interior design of rooms where light colored paint is applied.

6. Elegant Design

This bookcase design is very classic and elegant, suitable not only for home but also for office bookshelf.

Maybe you have your own business, try placing a bookshelf in your workspace or conference room.

7. TV Bookshelf

If you don't like short TV tables, try replacing them with bookshelves.

The TV can be wall-mounted on a classic design brown bookshelf with glass drawers.

Well, it turns out that there are also many choices of bookshelves in the dining room or family room, you don't have to choose.

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