7 Best Modern Outdoor Kitchen Designs in 2021. Culinary activities in harmony with nature

 7 Best Modern Outdoor Kitchen Designs in 2021. Culinary activities in harmony with nature

boelroom bedroom - The open kitchen design is one of the home interior architectural choices that you can make a reference.

Besides pleasing to the eye, the open kitchen has maximum air circulation and a cool atmosphere that makes cooking even more enjoyable.

The open kitchen is also suitable to be combined with various living concepts, ho!

One of them is a modern concept.

Curious as to what the beauty of these two combinations looks like?

Come on, take a look at the 7 best modern open kitchen designs in 2022 that you can do as the following reference. The Best Modern Open Kitchen Designs of 2022

Best Open Modern Kitchen Design 2022

1. Extend the open kitchen design

 Source: @anis_zara15

First, the modern open kitchen design has an elongated shape.

This kitchen has absolutely no partitions, so it looks very comfortable and spacious.

Behind the kitchen is a large lawn.

To decorate the kitchen, there are beautiful and charming green curtains.

This design also minimizes the risk of cylinder explosion due to good air circulation.

2. Open kitchen with plants and grass

  Source: @dekorasi_bunda81

The second is an open kitchen design, with plants and grass as room decorations.

Although the area is not too large, the kitchen looks quite spacious because there is no partition.

Furniture and kitchen sets are placed parallel to the walls, so they look wider.

The kitchen floor is made of brown ceramic material with a pattern like wood grain.

3. Cobblestone Open Kitchen

 2021 @rumahtristan

In addition, there is also a kitchen design that uses plants and gravel as a kitchen interior.

These two elements make the kitchen more integrated with nature, presenting a cool and fresh atmosphere.

Botanical paintings are also painted on the walls, adding to the natural impression of this room.

The floor itself uses brown ceramic.

4. Pink Open Kitchen

Source: @nevifajria

For those of you who like pink or feminine colors, you can try this fourth design.

This kitchen uses two color elements, pink and white.

Make the kitchen atmosphere more cheerful and anti-mainstream.

Interested in trying it at home?

5. L-shaped open kitchen

 Source: @casathesampurnos⁣

Fifth, open kitchen design, L-shaped kitchen set.

This form is able to maximize the conditions of a relatively small and narrow room.

So it can look wider and more reassuring.

6. Open kitchen with dining area

Source: @Rrumah16

If you want an open kitchen design that blends with the dining room, you can use this sixth reference.

Place the dining table right in the middle of the kitchen.

Because it is adjacent to the park, it is also convenient to see the sights.

7. Open Wooden Kitchen Design

Source: Instagram/Jogjakitchensetcom

Finally, there is a kitchen design that uses wood material elements in the kitchen set.

This design is suitable for those of you who have a Scandinavian style home.

In addition to rhythm, the color patterns used will also appear attractive and beautiful.

So, those are the 7 best modern open kitchen designs in 2022 that you can use as inspiration.

Of the seven designs above, which one is your favourite?

Hopefully useful, yes!