21 Easy Home Décor Ideas that Will Spice Up Your Space

21 Easy Home Décor Ideas that Will Spice Up Your Space

Just because you want to make your home more interesting, it doesn’t mean you need to remodel the entire space. Why? Because there are plenty of small things you can do to spice it up. Want to know what those things are? Read on. Below, we have a list of 21 easy home décor ideas to spice up your space.

21 Simple Home Décor Ideas to Try

1.     Makeshift Cozy Reading Spot

Want a reading nook but don’t have the space for it? No problem. Just make a comfy spot in your living room where you can read your favorite books alone for hours and hours. Don’t forget to add a bookshelf and place it within your reach, too.

2.     Windows Treatment

Most people overlook the windows. Yet, adding windows treatment can make all the difference. Here, the otherwise boring window is treated with Roman shades. The colors blend well with the surrounding. Meanwhile, the stripes make it more interesting without overdoing it.

3.     Re-style Your Bookshelf

Re-styling the bookshelf is the next on our home décor ideas list. How do you re-style your bookshelf?

Here’s a suggestion: arrange them based on their colors. It is simple, but it doesn’t fail to spice up the space.

4.     Spice Up the Entryway

Not many homeowners take care of their entryway. But if you give proper attention to it, it can make your home much more appealing.

Notice how the farmhouse-style table and the coastal elements refresh the entryway.

5.     Add Sheepskin Throws

Look very inviting, isn’t it? If you are willing to spend more to spice up your space, one of the home décor ideas you should consider is getting a sheepskin throw or two.

Why a sheepskin throw, you ask? Because a sheepskin throw adds character and warmth. Plus, it makes the space look and feels comfortable, too.

6.     Change Your Throw Pillows

One of the easiest things you can do to spice up your living room or bedroom is to change your throw pillows. With new throw pillows, you can introduce a new shape, color, or pattern to the space.

7.     Install a Canopy

Want to make your bedroom more dramatic? Install a canopy in it. A canopy can make even a minimalist bedroom into something more dramatic. Plus, it adds elegance, too.

8.     Reupholster the Furniture

Need home décor ideas for the furniture? Here’s one: reupholster your furniture. Reupholstering pieces of furniture can instantly change the look and feel of a room.

Reupholstering your furniture is also an easy way to introduce new colors, patterns, or shapes.

9.     Tidy Up

Yes, we know. Cleaning is not fun, probably even boring. But something as simple as tidying up your home can make a huge difference. It will certainly be worth the time and energy.

10.  Try Accent Wallpaper

If you don’t want to do something drastic, you can try installing accent wallpaper. It makes a statement and spices up the space. Also, you can replace it whenever you want.

Speaking of wallpaper, you can go with the DIY way, too. Instead of spending much on an expensive print that you like, make your own with a stencil and paint. Not only this is way less inexpensive, but it also adds a personal touch.

11.  Install New Lighting

If you can only do one thing to spice up your space, one of the best home décor ideas to try is to install new lighting. New lighting can do wonders. Notice how the living room becomes a lot more attention-stealing, thanks to the gorgeous lighting on the wall.

12.  Colorful Throw Blanket

For a quick and easy solution, add a throw blanket or two. Play with colors. Suppose your living room is mostly white. Adding a color throw blanket will make it a lot more interesting.

13.  Add a Rug

Adding a rug adds texture, color, and pattern to any space. Plus, it creates an interesting visual cue and allows the pieces of furniture to stand out, too.

14.  Or Try Layered Rugs

Can you only add a single rug to a room? Of course not. You can add more, even layer them.

Layered rugs make the room warmer, allow you to show off your old rug, help to define the space, and reduce noise.

15.  Make a Statement with Artwork

There are many home décor ideas to make a statement. One of them is to add artwork.

The best thing about adding artwork is that your options are virtually limitless. Not to mention you can do it the DIY way, too.

16.  Paint the Floor

Our previous home décor ideas are about the walls, furniture, accessories, and lighting. This one is about the floor.

This kitchen, for example, looks and feels simple. The navy floor changes it.

17.  Introduce Contrast

When it comes to contrast, it doesn’t always mean colors. Indeed, it can mean styles, too. Here you can see how traditional and modern decorations contrast each other, creating an interesting living room.

18.  Rearrange Your Furniture

Sometimes, you don’t need to go far to spice up your home. Sometimes, all it takes is to rearrange the furniture.

For example, move the furniture away from the walls, move the chairs and sofa so that at least their front legs are on the rug, and so on.

19.  Go Minimalist

If you are tired of dealing with clutters and looking for something simple, one of the best home décor ideas is to go minimalist. The minimalist style emphasizes simplicity and function over form.

20.  Colorful Curtains

Colorful curtains? Why not! You can play with color when it comes to curtains, too. Here, the white, light brown, and dark brown work together and create interesting focal points in the room.

21.  Show Off Your Collectibles

We all collect some things from time to time. So, why not show them off in your living room? Put them on a cabinet so that everyone can see your collections. It spices up the space and makes it personal.

From creating a makeshift reading nook, re-styling the bookshelf, to showing off collectibles. There are so many simple things you can do to spice up your space. So, what do you think? Which home décor ideas do you would you like to try?